Find Yourself, The Barbican

London, 2017


‘Find Yourself’ was a projected tapestry composed from live video feeds that documented aspects of the Concert Hall’s various adjacent spaces. Viewers were encouraged to explore the multiple levels surrounding the portrait wall in order to discover themselves in the work.


London, 2016


'Superhoop' was developed using live projections, DMX lighting and skeletal tracking to create an innovative experience commissioned directly by Google. Users were asked to record themselves and then play with the past version using intuitive movements to manipulate the material and surrounding lighting.

'Watch Sound Hear Light Play'

Brighton, 2016



An interactive installation commissioned by the Brighton Digital Festival and exhibited at the Onca Gallery. The installation was manifested as a spatial instrument in which people could animate sound and light through touch and play.


Video Wall 01

London, 2017



Initially conceived as a solution to view live music between rooms in underground arts venue New River Studios, this interactive installation piece evolved into a kaleidoscopic array of feedback loops and content.


Adidas Originals x Futurehouse

Interactive 3D Wall

London, 2016


Using 3D bullet time photographic techniques and motion sensors, this interactive wall was developed for the Futurehouse event in collaboration with Adidas Originals.